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Tradition Meets Technology

Satisfy your inner craftsman with a project that requires both a skilled hand and traditional boat building knowledge.

why the zipkit?

The ZipKit goes beyond a simple stitch-and-glue project, bringing together art, science, and craftsmanship for a rewarding experience both on and off the water.

Because we want you to have the best possible quality, all of the hull components derive their geometry from our full-size 3D model of the Zip and all parts are processed on our state-of-the-art CNC machinery to ensure close precision.

Interlocking finger joints eliminate the need for scarf joints and give your craft superior strength, aesthetic appeal, and accuracyYour finished craft will pack as much style as it does functionality.


Style: Classic Runabout

Size: 14’-4” / 5’-9” beam / 27" deep

Hull: Vee bottom, hard chine 

Material: Plywood (6mm)

Joints: Interlocking fingers


Power: Short or long shaft outboard motor up to 40 HP

Why Zip Kit
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