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Kit boat on Lake Tahoe


The ZipKit was born out of the need to build a wooden boat.


Hi my name is Mark Molden, my wife and I live in Southern California and grew up here, but some of our grandchildren in North Carolina live near Lake Norman. Our oldest grandson was becoming a teenager, so I decided to research plans for an intermediate size wooden boat that I could build for them since I'm a cabinet & millwork contractor and have my own cabinet shop with CNC woodworking machinery.  


I also have a daughter here in SoCal who has three boys, and they (along with myself) would need a boat, too. We bought the Glen-L Zip plans and I converted the plans into a digital file to input into my AutoCad software, where I built a 3D model of the boat.  At that point, I decided this may be a good opportunity for a new business venture.


I put my experience to use in manufacturing the ZipKit with the help of Glen-L Marine Designs, and it's now available to give you the craftsman's edge.

I hope you enjoy the ZipKit as much as I do. If you have any questions about the kit, feel free to reach out to me at

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