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A Bit Noisier !!!

Hello Boatbuilders! I'm pleased to introduce to you Glen-L “Zip” builder Sam Buchanan who recently purchased the ZipKit from Glen-L Marine. It was delivered to his home shop in Alabama just Last Tuesday August 31st.

Sam says "After building cedar-strip canoes and a kayak I decided it was time to put something in the water that is a little noisier than a canoe". Sam is no novice to building amazing crafts. Some of his previous projects include a replica Fokker D.VII

Fokker D.VII World War One biplane

and a high-performance kit aircraft, the RV-6 by Vans

I'm so excited that Sam has decided to share his build with us through the Glen L boat builders forum. This is a very active Glen-L boat building community where you'll find answers to questions and make new friends.

Please follow Sam’s ZipKit build thread and join in the conversation


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