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Zip: Week 2

Updated: Oct 5, 2020

Working on building out all of the frames. No matter how many clamps I have, I feel like I need one more hand and a couple dozen more clamps!

Attaching the breasthook to the stem. Much easier if I clamp the stem to the building form first.

Taking over the garage.

The stem is two pieces of 3/4 ply glued together.

This is on the first form. Did this with a backsaw and will clean it up with a chisel.

Still quite a bit of gluing on the forms, but was curious what it would look like on the building form. You can see some of the gussets are held on with clamps.

Fitting the chine to the stem.

Once I had the chine connected to the stem, I wanted to get it all connected to the first form as quickly as possible to make sure all of the angles were done correctly.

Brooke wanted me to look at the camera. 🙂

Screwing the first form into the chine. It all has to line up perfectly!

Got started working on the transom today. Lots of work with the backsaw and chisels; since the transom doesn’t sit at 90 degrees, all of the battens/chine/keel come in at an angle.

The fairing lines show how far needs to be taken back. Thank you to Mark for having these on the zip kit!

Since I don’t trust my accuracy I set up a reciprocating saw blade as a stop on either side so I don’t go to far with the backsaw.

After the backsaw.

After a bit of chisel work.

All cleaned up.

Working on the edge.

A bit of fairing going on with the front frame…

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